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Aqualisa Shower Spares

Aqualisa Shower Spares

Aqualisa was established back in 1977, since going on to become one of the premier names in showering. A pioneer in research and development, the company founded the bi-metallic thermostatic shower valve and introduced the UK to the first digital shower. Aqualisa also holds the distinction of being the first shower manufacturer in the world to provide a wireless and battery-less remote control for its systems.

Design innovation and manufacturing brilliance has been integral to the success of Aqualisa and Shower Replacement Parts are proud to be an official supplier of the company's products. Our comprehensive selection of Aqualisa shower spares covers the full range of electric, power, mixer and digital showers, as well as fittings dating back to the company's earliest products.

On this site, you will find all the Aqualisa spares needed to get your shower running like new, giving you the chance to enjoy the luxurious showering experience that is synonymous with the brand.

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